Can Seniors Find Love Online?

Absolutely! Dating sites for seniors like, Ourtime, and Elitesingles have made this possible over time, especially for older adults. In 2018, Statistics show that more than 40million Americans tried finding their perfect match online. With teens swiping on apps like Tinder and OkCupid, seniors have gotten to join dating sites increasingly. The question then remains, how can seniors find love online.

With many dating sites aiming at the younger generation, online dating sites have come up with an exclusive matchmaking process for the older generation.

However, dating becomes more complex as we grow older due to quite a number of reasons. As one gets older, the circle of friends may get to tighten up.

There have been many cases of people losing their life partners and eventually one has to go back to dating so as to find someone that will be your type, someone who has the same interests as you, someone who will replace your gone soulmate. This might be due to break-ups, divorce, or loss of life.

Dating sites have implemented new policies and built their apps in a way that is supportive to the older generation. They’ve seen to answer the question “can seniors find love online”, a brain teaser indeed! Following a number of tips that I’m going to state below, you’ll be able to find your ‘special one’ regardless of your age bracket.

Can seniors find love online? Here’s what you need:


People prefer Matchmaking to online dating because of its confidentiality. Using matchmakers is worth the investment and you will eventually get yourself a partner for a date or even for life. Older adults seeking love online are well known to use matchmakers and dating services due to their commitment and seriousness to find the perfect date, the perfect life partner.


Online dating has really offered a helping hand, especially to the older generation. Online dating sites have really grown due to their higher memberships of people trying to find their matches.

The dating sites hold a big number of people looking for love, this has made it easy for the older adults since, you won’t have to go out on a date until you’re ready. All you need is your phone or computer and an internet connection. With the big memberships in sites like eHarmony, Ourtime, and ARPP dating you’ll be able to find your other half, and in some cases, they may even reach out to you.

Social  media platforms

Social media networks are well known to help people communicate easily and keep in touch. With their modern design and services; Facebook, Twitter, and other apps have been well designed with sections and pages for people with special interests.

However, their proneness to high scam activity is a very big disenchantment. Apps like Craigslist and meet.Up have seen it to designing a section and a chat room for people with common interests.

Senior community centers

They offer a series of events whereby seniors meet up and gather to celebrate and engage themselves in recreational activities.

Senior living communities allow adults to socially interact, find individuals with similar interests, and even get to go out on a date with them.

Local neighborhood and Activities

For the older generation; grocery stores, libraries, casinos, and other venues are real bigtime treasures for them. Meeting in dog parks, pet houses has given people a chance to socially interact. Some even end up meeting their lifetime partners there.

Can seniors find love online?

How can seniors find love online and get to meet their matches? By following the tips above and getting to implement them, you’ll be able to get your other half drawn to you and ; Yes! Seniors can find love online.